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Using the latest technologies and industry methods, we provide large transportation agencies with highway asset management systems, surveys and advice that optimise maintenance and development and ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

Our advanced pavement data-collection vehicles are equipped with precision survey systems and software and can perform any roadway data collection task.

The modular design allows the vehicles to be easily reconfigured to meet your requirements and serves to cut excess, equipping the vehicles with the necessary surveying systems. As the vehicle ages, the subsystems can be integrated onto another chassis, and our customisable software can be updated to suit changing needs, making them an invaluable long-term investment.

The ARAN® 9000 is fully integrated into a high roof chassis. Sensors are permanently installed and managed in a climate-controlled environment, providing a comfortable and professional environment for operators. We can build the ARAN® 9000 on any platform that meets the required power and weight specifications. The customisable design means the system can act as a profiler, video logger, mobile mapper, or full-scale data collection system.

  • Database driven, fault-tolerant, plug-and-play systems
  • Advanced mission-management software
  • Global solution with interfaces in several languages
  • Industry-defining warranty
  • Dynamic architecture to support future upgrades

The ARAN® 8000 provides modular, adaptable roadway data collection by tailoring the system to your exact vehicle and evaluation requirements. Each ARAN® subsystem option can be fully integrated, including DMI and GPS, or HD cameras and software used for asset inventory collection.

  • All selected ARAN® subsystems mounted to customer-supplied chassis using Aluminum Extrusion racking system
  • Portable equipment rack with shock mounting
  • Typically built onsite at the customer’s facility for complete oversight of the build process

The ARAN® 7000 is the only portable, lightweight, hitch-mount profiler that can accommodate up to nine sensors (point or line) for evaluating roughness, smoothness, texture and rutting. This high-speed profiler with stop-start-slow intelligent algorithms and portable flight case enables you to collect accurate data at any speed, anywhere.

  • Synchronised data control system
  • Autostart proximity sensor and Selcom point lasers
  • Real-time display of data (including IRI)
  • Route-planning software and optional GPS
  • Touchscreen operator interface capabilities

Each ARAN® can support a modular system of hardware and software add-ons to meet the requirements of various infrastructure data collection needs. Review our list of hardware, software, and data collection areas, or contact our team, to determine which combination of subsystems is right for you.

  • Linear referencing systems (LRS) positioning
  • High-definition cameras to complete right-of-way panoramic view
  • GPS positioning
  • Roughness (IRI) / longitudinal processing
  • Rutting/transverse profile
  • Texture data
  • Distress testing
  • Ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Pavement-marking reflectivity
  • Geometrics
  • Lidar
  • Video imaging
  • Laser SDP
  • Laser transverse profiler (XVP)
  • Pave 2D
  • Pave 3D
  • Position and orientation system for land vehicles (POS LV)
  • Distance measuring instrument (DMI) 

We offer a comprehensive suite of application software products designed to view, process and analyse your collected data.

iVision web application

iVision is a web-based application that delivers the ideal solution for interoffice and remote location deployment of images and analysed road data.

Vision processing software

Vision is an all-in-one desktop data processing and analysis suite that can export to any PMS or AMS system. 


Surveyor asset extraction software is designed to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective ‘network-level’ asset inventories. By using the client's or a standard text or graphical asset catalogue, the software can minimise data entry time, ensuring accurate information. Surveyor 2 allows for the marking of other user-defined attributes without the need for on-foot personnel.

ARAN® Collection Software (ACS)

The ACS interface controls all ARAN sub-subsystems independently to ensure maximum flexibility during testing. It utilises a diagnostic monitor to evaluate the system’s health to ensure vehicles deliver optimum data accuracy and repeatability at all times.


Our WiseCrax Pavement Module can detect and analyse cracks as small as 1 m. The open-architecture software design allows for customisable processing, reporting, and distress criteria.


  • On-time, accurate and high-quality data enhances and maximises the ability to make confident roadway management decisions
  • Improved network condition through early intervention and efficient maintenance to extend the performance life of roads

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