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Design engineering and consultancy - hro

Design engineering and consultancy

Our extensive knowledge and expertise supports clients around the world in their custom pavement design, management and preservation services. In addition, we can offer turnkey surveying and pavement evaluation solutions that will improve project efficiency, reduce costs and drive superior pavement performance.

Our team has managed global projects including roadways, airports, and intermodal facilities. With a range of hardware and software technologies at our fingertips, we can help make your project a success.

Pavement engineering and design

For the best performance, pavement designs must consider the strength and properties of subgrade soils, types of projected traffic loadings, chosen materials, and climate. Our pavement engineering group has designed pavements in every climatic zone for numerous projects including airports, car parks, intermodal facilities, ports and roadways.

  • Superpave asphalt mix design and analysis
  • Mechanistic-empirical design
  • AASHTO design procedures
  • Rehabilitation strategies
  • Life-cycle cost analysis

Pavement management 

Our Pavement Management Services team covers all lifecycle elements from the oversight, maintenance and repair of a road system to improving network conditions within specific budgets.

We provide the following services:

  • Data Collection
  • Systems Integration
  • Budget analysis and work plans

Pavement research

Our experts are trusted by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), universities and state highway agencies (SHAs) to address a wide range of pavement-related topics.

We conduct several types of research including, but not limited to:

  • Pavement design
  • Materials research
  • Pavement management
  • Pavement preservation
  • Forensic investigations

Pavement preservation

Preserving your pavement assets requires a multifaceted treatment plan. By establishing programme guidelines, we determine maintenance needs, provide a treatment framework, develop cost-effective analysis procedures, and establish programme evaluation mechanisms. With years of extensive experience, our team is highly committed to maintaining lasting pavement performance.

Custom software development

We develop project-specific software to meet your processing, reporting and integration requirements. Our Vision software is designed with a plug-in framework, allowing for both processor and navigable plug-ins.


  • Efficient and cost-effective solutions from a dedicated global team consisting of Pavement Engineering, Research and Development, and Project Management staff
  • Improve or become compliant with government regulations (ADA, MAP21, etc.) and boost bond ratings

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