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Our RILA Portal is an intuitive web portal that brings the railway to your desktop. Through it you can view, inspect and connect RILA datasets, enabling you to manage your data more efficiently and make informed decisions on investments and operations.

The RILA Portal works for you, providing access to imagery, video, maps, lidar datasets and analytics of your rail network. It comprises a 2D map viewer and 3D data viewer, seamlessly integrated into a single, well designed user interface, with practical functionality and advanced data visualisation techniques delivering a dynamic 3D model of the railway corridor.

RILA Portal is accessible anytime, anywhere using a standard browser running on a desktop computer, with no special plugins required. This ensures quick and easy access to essential rail infrastructure data. 

The portal comprises a 2D map viewer and 3D data viewer seamlessly integrated into a single interface, connected through a fixed sidebar. Its core functionality includes: easy data viewing and navigation capabilities; object selection and inspection; basic analysis tools; and sharing or exporting views to exchange information with co-workers.

RILA Portal

Portal features 

The portal offers task-specific modules, with tailor-made tools and information designed to make specialised tasks as straightforward as possible, depending on the task or user.

  • Situational Awareness – interactive map visualisation offers: search functionality; information about the current location and selected data items; viewer overlay configuration options; and basic analysis tools
  • Asset Management - provides the functionality to share information and views, making it easy to overlay information, compare data, connect software to the RILA Portal or tie important asset information to the RILA 3D network model using the RILA video as a reference.
  • Design and Engineering – offers a 3D model of the railway network with precise asset locations, attribute data and reporting functionality to support design and engineering tasks. Measuring can be undertaken using RILA 3D video or RILA 360 point cloud data, with the ability to switch seamlessly between 2D and 3D viewers and GIS.

Subscription service

RILA Portal services are available through annual subscription and include various modules, together with supporting tools, functionality, and visualisation layers.

RILA Portal_ asset management

3D point cloud data collected using Fugro’s RILA 360 can be viewed in RILA portal and used to analyse trackside assets and critical clearance measurements.



The RILA Portal eliminates the need for customers to purchase and secure terabytes of server space to store acquired data, and reduces the costs and risks associated with server provisioning, in-house sourcing and spatial data management.

  • Virtual world: enables you to bring the real world to your desktop and through the concept of a ‘virtual inspector’, reduce field visits for planning, scoping, inspection or audit activity.
  • Savings: all data storage, handling and processing is included in the service, negating the need to purchase and maintain expensive IT infrastructure.
  • Open platform: data can be imported from and exported to existing software packages, including MicroStation, Optram and ProjectWise. This provides easy integration across all content and links to other enterprise systems.
  • Single Point of Truth (SPOT): with one Portal from which to access and download all information, view reports etc., integration across departments, teams and stakeholders is improved.
  • Productivity improvements: a single, trusted, enterprise-wide view of the network, eliminates spatial ambiguities, improves productivity and enhances the quality and reliability of reports.
  • Security: the RILA Portal benefits from industry-leading cloud security technology, developed by one of the largest IT companies in the world, and backed up by providers with ISO 27001 accreditation.

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