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We focus on developing technological solutions to the challenges faced by our customers. Innovations such as RILA, which removes surveying personnel from the track, delivers step changes in asset management and leads the way in predictive maintenance.

We continually invest in the development and improvement of our systems and their functionality to drive and support innovation across your business.

With an international team focused on rail surveys, Fugro is the natural choice for a better understanding of rail infrastructure. Our in-house team of rail specialists lead research, development and innovation programmes complemented, as required, by the input of clients, suppliers and specialist partners.

We have designed applications that integrate our models with the design software of rail engineers in order to optimise the flow of information and provide integrated asset integrity solutions.

With a global market presence, we are able to bring solutions and customer approaches from one country to another, acting as a catalyst for shared best practice and leveraging global learning for continuous improvement of solutions

Our areas of expertise

  • Lightweight construction technology and electronic solutions
  • Rail vehicle design and rail infrastructure restriction
  • Temperature control and power solutions
  • High accuracy optics and video technology
  • Lidar and geodetic surveying
  • Accurate GNSS/IMU hardware and processing algorithms
  • Real-time-everywhere-anytime access to RILA systems
  • Compact high volume data storage in harsh environments
  • Cloud-based parallel data processing and portal technology
  • Integrated solutions for accurate relative and absolute data products

RILA 3.0 Development

Fugro has integrated the RILA Track and RILA 360 systems into a single compact measurement module. The new RILA system (RILA 3.0) can be easily mounted to any (passenger) train in the world and delivers the same accuracy and full package of data products as earlier systems but in a combined form.

RILA 3.0

New generation RILA system enables track geometry and laser scanned point cloud data to be captured from the rear of a passenger train by one single system

RILA ready for global surveying

Owing to the worldwide adoption of RILA systems, improvements have been made to the sensors to enable use in harsh environments. It is now possible to operate the RILA systems in temperatures ranging from -15 and +55 degrees Celcius.

The advantage of using RailData

  • Accurate and comprehensive above -and below- ground model of the railway corridor
  • Joined-up approach to rail surveys where all outputs can be used throughout the full life of the project or asset
  • Unique, patented RILA technology that offers a fully remote survey system of working network asset
  • Intuitive web-based data portals that brings the railway to your desktop
  • Open platform: providing integration across all content and enabling links to other enterprise system.
  • Extensive development and innovation informed by results
  • Supports health and wellbeing initiatives, with less disruption to normal rail services
  • Approved and accredited by international rail network bodies to carry out a broad spectrum of investigative and consultation work

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