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LandSat image

Satellite monitoring and mapping

Using image data in different resolutions from a wide range of satellite operators, our mapping services and imagery analysis are designed to fit the scope, budget and timescale of your project. We acquire, process and deliver archived and recently captured optical, radar and multispectral satellite imagery.

From the ground and the air, from below the sea and from space we have assembled the tools, partners and experience to collect appropriate data cost-effectively. Applying our expertise in processing and analysis, we turn these data into information and solutions, enabling you to make informed decisions.

  • Orthorectification – Processing levels can include pan-sharpening to enable your satellite data to be integrated with repeatable precision into your design or GIS systems.
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Generation – We will access archived datasets or task satellites to capture or monitor elevation at specific locations. We generate satellite-derived DEMs using a variety of methods including interferometric radar and optical imagery techniques.
  • Change Detection – Used for a variety of applications such as the quantification of re-vegetation activities in disturbed areas, monitoring of facilities, movement of oil spills, infrastructure construction, pipeline encroachment and changes in habitat.
  • Feature Extraction – Features that can be extracted from imagery include facilities (building footprints, roof types), transportation, land use/land cover, vegetation types (agriculture, forest) and distrubance due to exploration activities, water bodies and more.

Our solid commercial partnership with all major satellite providers adds value to our satellite mapping services which support land management, infrastructure planning, natural resources exploration and development, civil engineering and environmental monitoring.

Amongst our commercial satellite provider partners are:

  • ALOS
  • DigitalGlobe
  • Blackbridge
  • RapidEye
  • Airbus Defence & Space

In addition to access to multiple satellite solutions, Fugro provides value added products in support of land management, infrastructure planning, natural resources exploration and development, civil engineering and environmental monitoring:

  • Mapping – For visualising both large and small scale projects
  • Habitat mapping – Land use/land cover, benthic habitat/SAV, wetland delineation
  • Corridor and site selection – Identification, selection, routing and development planning
  • Environmental assessment and monitoring – Habitat mapping, inventory and environmental monitoring
  • Subsidence and uplift monitoring – Precision subsidence rates
  • Emergency response – Oil spill detection, fire and flooding extents/impacts

Our experienced imagery analysts, together with our access to multiple satellite providers, ensures that you always receive the most appropriate solution, delivered on budget and on time.

  • Agile and customer focused team working globally with all satellite providers
  • Assurance that the best solution is offered for the appropriate stage of your project
  • Consultative approach with the option for high resolution subsea, land or aerial surveys, if greater analysis or monitoring is required

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