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Using state-of-the-art remote sensing technology, we transform spatial data into practical knowledge that supports essential operations in resource assessment and mitigation, transportation, utilities, emergency and asset management, and infrastructure development.

Backed by more than 58 years’ experience and a history of industry innovation, we are uniquely positioned to deliver an extensive range of accurate and detailed map products and GIS datasets. Our suite of software platforms turns data into actionable information, allowing you to make timely, efficient, and informed decisions.

With more than 1300 highly qualified geospatial analysts, a fully owned fleet of aircraft, and stringent quality control procedures, we are uniquely qualified to acquire, analyse, and advise on Geo-data projects. Using the latest airborne data acquisition and processing technologies, we offer high accuracy lidar data, orthoimagery, oblique imagery, and derived products that meet common national and international mapping standards. Our Geo-data management and analysis platforms fulfil the ever-increasing demand for fast, efficient and thorough information at your fingertips. With the power of GIS expanding daily, we integrate project outreach, training, and education to further support our clients.

Lidar mapping

We operate a suite of lidar systems to provide high-quality, fast and accurate terrain mapping, ranging in point density from 2 to 100 points per square metre (ppsm). Our lidar services include state-of-the-art topographic and bathymetric data capture from aeroplanes, helicopters, boats and vehicles.

Our lidar-derived supplemental products include hydro enforcement and flattened digital elevation models (DEMs), building footprints, 3D building models, fully integrated topobathymetric models, enhanced classifications, terrain slope calculations, solar potential, contours, vegetation height and density, hazard mapping, feature extraction, and change detection.

Our lidar mapping service:

  • Provides the most accurate representation of the near-bare-earth surfaceand hydrology
  • Can be acquired day or night and in most weather conditions
  • Results in highly accurate height of above-ground features including buildings, vegetation, roads, bridges
  • Eliminates the field survey from traditional mapping project planning
  • Includes common point cloud classifications, as well as more specialised classifications used for broader analysis


Fugro transforms data from a range of aerial sensors into spatially accurate map products and GIS datasets. We offer orthoimagery products ranging from 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 12 inch (30 cm) pixel resolutions in a variety of formats: multispectral, hyperspectral, and thermal.

Our orthoimagery service includes:

  • Customised project planning and acquisition based on localised conditions and project specification (tidal, leaf on/off, sun angle)
  • Accurate base mapping, widely used for public and private GIS
  • Detailed imagery for precision measurements
  • Cost-effective, licence-free data for maximum use

Oblique Imagery

Fugro’s oblique imagery solution combines high-resolution nadir and oblique imagery (at 45° angle) with powerful 3D mapping and visualisation capabilities. Create measurements, generate reports, and inspect conditions of ground features at 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 6 inch (15 cm) pixel resolutions.

Oblique mapping provides:

  • 360° views of all features and terrain
  • High-resolution imagery for advanced analysis
  • Detailed and accurate imagery, reducing field verification
  • Licence-free data for maximum use by multiple parties

3D Models

Combining traditional geospatial and advanced processing techniques, Fugro creates a 3D rendering of above-ground features. Our 3D products include lidar-derived point cloud 3D building models or fully textured wide-area models derived from nadir and oblique imagery. 3D models are ideal for GIS users, city planners and emergency response personnel as the advanced visualisation allows for enhanced situational awareness, planning and decision-making.

Our 3D model service delivers:

  • Detailed and recognisable image of features in a real-world context to better understanding relationships
  • Unlike 2D images, space, terrain and infrastructure can be visualised from different angles, including bird’s eye view and ground perspective view
  • Smarter and more versatile rendering to visualise scenarios for architecture and engineering
  • Foundation for Building Information Modelling (BIM), interior floor planning, and digital twins, aiding in the design, construction, and management of infrastructure 

Topographic and Planimetric

We offer topographic data to 1-foot contour intervals, planimetric data to 1:240 scale (1”=20’) and highly detailed thematic maps.

Topographic and planimetric data features:

  • Map overlays (2D or 3D), including property parcels, facilities, utilities, corridors, and other governmental boundaries and public infrastructure
  • Comprehensive framework for urban planning and taxation
  • Accurate calculation of impervious surface
  • Accurate map of assets and vegetation for utility and stormwater management


To serve the GIS community's needs for accurate and authoritative information, Fugro provides a series of analysis platforms that turn Geo-data into knowledge.

SIMmetry - a scalable 3D GIS platform for managing and serving a wide range of existing and streamed datasets. With an intuitive interface, the platform provides real-time access to exceptional visualisation and critical analytics via desktop and the web. SIMmetry is designed to provide efficient, low bandwidth streaming of data-rich content across multiple platforms. SIMmetry transforms existing and new datasets, including topography, land hydrography, engineering as-built drawings, surface and subsurface utility, facility management and transmitted signal data (security cameras, flood gauges, etc.) into an accurate and sharable 3D GIS.  

Fugro Access – a robust web application that provides clients with an overview of project status and a portal for orthoimagery QC, and acts as a central location for communicating project-relevant information.

PX Mapper – PX Mapper completes our oblique imagery package by offering efficient online viewing, measuring, reporting and intuitive communication tools. 

FugroViewer – our free lidar viewing software that makes it easy to view and communicate elevation information with your entire team. Download FugroViewer  

Our aerial mapping capabilities serve infrastructure development, mining, natural resources management, urban planning, economic development, emergency response, floodplain mapping, transportation and utility corridor mapping and national mapping, among other applications.

  • Insurance, emergency response (E911) and appraisal – web-based decision-support tools for property assessment, new development analysis, building footprints and frontage views. Our oblique mapping saves time and lowers costs for assessors, first-responders and insurance professionals by reducing in-field visits with desktop analysis.
  • Land-use planning and taxation – planning and zoning tools, base orthoimagery, parcel mapping layers, and change detection. We deliver the source information and analysis applications needed for sustainable communities.
  • Natural resources – biomass analysis and change detection, digital elevation model (DEM) development and corridor mapping, land-use and land-cover classification. We provide the data needed to effectively manage forests, energy resources and water systems.
  • Utility maintenance – site-selection studies, corridor mapping, right-of-way alignments, and customised GIS applications. We help customers develop new operations, maintain existing ones and minimise outages during emergency situations.
  • Coastal monitoring – sea-level rise impact studies, wetlands mapping, and submerged aquatic vegetation mapping. We provide the Geo-data needed to better understand and mitigate the threats facing our coastlines. 
  • Disaster response – rapid mobilisation and data collection, onsite mapping support, and contingency planning. We provide the mapping and data dissemination services needed by emergency managers and first-responders for successful recovery and relief operations.
  • Floodplain mapping - lidar-derived DEMs, orthoimagery base maps, watershed delineations and flood risk maps. We provide floodplain managers with critical spatial analysis for flood preparedness and recovery. 
  • Economic development – proximity, economic-impact and site-selection studies, and customised GIS applications. Our products and services help community leaders attract industries that will provide the high-paying jobs, quality education and environmental health associated with thriving economies.
  • National security – large-scale or specialised topographic and thematic mapping, base/range management and encroachment studies, 3D modelling and visualisation. Our Geo-data and tools help local, state, federal agencies safeguard life, protect national interests and improve situational awareness.
  • Transportation – corridor mapping, change detection, decision-support tools. Our products and services help ease congestion, monitor system conditions and promote security for reliable transportation of people and cargo.

We don't just deliver data; we provide added analytics for you to experience benefits that significantly improve your GIS and asset management practices:

  • Increase project valuation with technology and pre-planning options optimised for your specific needs
  • Improve project schedules with careful project planning, reliable data acquisition, and advanced processing systems
  • Eliminate costs associated with project rework with ISO 9001:2008-certified acquisition and processing procedures that ensure rigorous quality control before you receive the data 
  • Reduce field crews and decrease risk with highly detailed data and visualisation software for desktop analysis
  • Increase revenue, constituent participation and funding with license-free data that allows you to map once, use many times
  • Maximise investment through additional analysis of value-added products, made possible from high-resolution imagery and lidar data


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