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Using the latest airborne data acquisition and automated processing technologies, Fugro offers fast delivery of high-accuracy aerial photography and lidar data. Operating a fleet of aircraft around the world we provide a complete production workflow to support virtually any imaging, photogrammetric or lidar mapping project.

Photogrammetric, oblique and lidar mapping 

With state-of-the-art remote sensing technology located across the globe, Fugro transforms photogrammetric and aerial lidar data from a wide range of aerial sensors into spatially accurate map products and GIS datasets.

We support you with local expertise, specialist disciplines and revolutionary technologies; combining our services and capabilities with those of other Fugro experts around the world enables us to offer an extensive range of solutions.

Our capabilities include:

Lidar Mapping

A full complement of lidar mapping services includes wide-area (fixed-wing) lidar mapping for regional coverage, high-density (helicopter) lidar mapping for corridors using our FLI-MAP® system and bathymetric lidar for near-shore mapping. Our track record in creating fast and accurate terrain mapping assures you of a quality data provider who can innovative on your behalf to ensure a successful project. We support the vegetation and infrastructure management of electrical distribution networks using the airborne sensors of the ROAMES (Remote Observation, Automated Modelling Economic Simulation) system.

Photogrammetric mapping

Our imagery products include digital elevation models and panchromatic (black-and-white), high resolution colour, and colour-infrared orthoimagery in support of base mapping, image classification and change detection. Stereopairs of imagery are also available for 3D planimetric and topographic data compilation.

Oblique Imagery

Fugro’s PanoramiX solution offers comprehensive, efficient oblique mapping from multiple viewing angles and is combined with powerful 3D mapping and visualisation software for easy analysis of imagery.

Our aerial mapping capabilities serve infrastructure development, mining, natural resources management, urban planning, economic development, emergency response, floodplain mapping, transportation and utility corridor mapping and national mapping, among other applications.

  • Network Asset Management – Corridor assets, whether railways, pipelines or electrical transmission or distribution networks, require careful development planning as well as maintenance and upgrade over their lifecycle. Our geospatial solutions allow you to evaluate the performance, risk and compliance of the network utilising highly accurate 3D virtual reconstructions of your assets.  For example, our ROAMES system provides a unique, cost-effective solution for management of electrical distribution networks, including network optimisation studies, vegetation management, condition analysis and capacity studies.
  • Mining Development and Management – Fugro supports mine information systems by delivering accurate geospatial knowledge over the entire lifecycle of a mine. Our aerial surveying data can support various applications, including baseline data for feasibility studies, mine mapping and permitting, stock pile calculations and volumes, rehabilitation and waste dump mapping.
  • National & Urban Mapping – Sustainable development requires effective land-use management policies. Our aerial mapping services provide national and local government agencies with the geospatial data needed for cadastral mapping, land use planning, transportation and infrastructure development, property assessment, zoning and permitting, defence and emergency preparedness.

Experience gained from numerous large and small mapping projects across the globe has led to our skills in tailoring cost-effective solutions based on your project-specific requirements. Our wholly owned assets and large worldwide production facilities enable flexible scheduling to meet your needs and budget.

  • Increased Flexibility – Offering multiple sensor choices means expanding options and data affordability to meet your specifications.
  • Fast Project Turnaround – Our highly automated processing systems deliver projects in half the time compared to traditional photogrammetric methods. Our wholly owned assets and large production capacity enable flexible scheduling to meet your needs.
  • Rigorous Quality Control – All of our digital imaging acquisition and processing procedures are ISO9001:2008-certified, ensuring that you receive on time, first-time-right deliveries. 
  • Intelligent Spatial Data – Fugro has the capability to develop and merge high-resolution topographic data from all commercially available ground and airborne mapping technologies (photogrammetry, lidar, surveying). Clients such as national mapping agencies have benefited from our experience, gaining highly accurate, consistent and intelligent spatial data that meet internationally recognised mapping standards.
  • Actionable Information – We enable our clients to make informed decisions quicker by providing analysis and extraction services to turn data into actionable information.


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