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Pipeline managers need a multitude of information in order to meet operational and maintenance needs. It is important to know the accurate 3D position of the pipelines, but non-engineering and environmental data are just as important.

This includes right of way management, such as property ownership, land use and ease of access for emergency response. To obtain these data, pipeline operators need to regularly inspect, collect and update accurate spatial information regarding their facilities and the surrounding environment. We combine industry expertise and information management tools to support the planning, design, construction and maintenance of water and oil & gas pipelines.

We offer multiple capabilities related to land-based pipeline design, construction and management. Our expertise includes planning and route selection of pipeline corridors, covering the necessaryapproval/authorization procedures, and construction monitoring and performance management.

Our solutions provide engineers and asset managers with essential information to meet the demands and rigorous schedule of onshore pipeline construction and operations. Our services include:

  • Pipeline route planning and site characterisation for feasibility, engineering and design studies, including detailed topographic and geodetic surveying and geohazards risk assessment
  • Right-of-way staking, pipe tally, ecological assessments, regulatory services and as-built surveys for pipeline construction
  • HCA identification and class location analysis
  • Site-specific restoration plans and water well monitoring for post-construction work.
  • Monitoring of ground deformations and third-party interference to assess operational risks
  • Pipeline information management system to improve maintenance and control
We provide these services at all levels of detail, from the initial generalised overview down to detailed planning specifications. We also program customised software solutions, including document management to augment these services.

Our services and capabilities support water and oil & gas pipeline projects at all stages:

  • Feasibility, engineering and design studies, including site selection, routing, and environmental impact assessments
  • Construction survey, including regulatory compliance
  • Operation and maintenance, including a detailed building information model to support inspection planning and investment decisions
  • Decommissioning, including land reclamation and remediation

Through our pipeline information solutions, we deliver and manage reliable, accurate and actionable information throughout the life of assets. This leads to the following benefits for owners and operators, as well as design and construction firms.

Single point of truth for all pipeline related information and documentation, saving time and avoiding errors.

  • Optimal pipeline route planning for reduced construction risk and costs
  • Seamless handover from the design-build phase to operations and maintenance
  • Optimised planning of inspection and maintenance programs
  • Documented regulatory compliance of assets and their operations during construction and operations
  • Improved, efficient emergency response

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