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Site Spot® delivers up-to-date 3D digital asset information by providing a single point of truth  for all available field data. This gives you access to a centralised, accurate and intelligent 3D view of your site, enabling more informed decisions for safer, more efficient operations.

Site Spot® enables you to manage and utilise all collected field data and to streamline plant operations via a simple web-based service.

Used offshore and onshore, the system combines photos with laser scan data (and 3D model data) to provide you with a clear 2D and/or 3D overview of assets at your site. By integrating data from third party sources and asset management systems it delivers a comprehensive site overview.

Using the web service you can register any changes so that they can be measured again and stored in the single point of truth database. This way you can be sure that all stakeholders are using the most up-to-date data.

Site Spot® offers web-based functionalities to support the following working processes:

  • Quick search and utilisation of field data
  • Labelling tool for maintenance/turnaround planning and inspections
  • Distance measurements for scaffolding
  • Control of user access to data
  • 3D model fly through and selection of entire pipeline system
  • Query tool for selection of intelligent characteristics of an asset (e.g. corrosion factor)
  • Reporting tools for inspection and communication
  • Support helpdesk for user management and performance

Our Site Spot® web service creates a 360 degree viewing experience of a site or plant by combining photos with laser scan data (and 3D model data). The easy-to-use web interface allows the data to be utilised by different users, such as engineers, maintenance, turnaround, inspection, HSSE and training departments. Site-SPOT® can benefit your project or organisation by providing:

  • Improved access and communication of asset information
  • Quick overview of engineering projects and re-usage of all digital asset information in one web service
  • Reduced maintenance and turnaround costs through optimising planning
  • Increased production due to shorter turnarounds
  • Reduced risks as a result of less exposure at sites and more preparatory work at the office 
  • Higher quality due to reduced failures in working processes
  • The ability to plan, locate and maintain inspection points in 3D without needing inspection isometrics
  • Optimisation of scaffolding by sharing location information
  • Up-to-date data through interfacing with other systems (Roser Systems, Primavera Systems and others)


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