We provide the full spectrum of geotechnical services to help you understand and manage the ground risk associated with your project developments onshore and offshore. We leverage our global footprint and leading expertise to provide geotechnical solutions in urban areas and in remote locations.

Geotechnical site investigations - onshore

We provide the full suite of site investigation tools to support characterisation of the ground conditions and determination of ground risk factors for onshore projects anywhere in the world.

Geotechnical site investigations - nearshore

From the shoreline to depths of 40 metres, we support geotechnical projects in coastal locations with comprehensive site investigation and installation services.

Geotechnical site investigations - offshore

As the largest global supplier of marine geotechnical services, we provide the full range of geotechnical site investigation services in water depths ranging from a few meters to more than 3,000 meters.

Laboratory testing of soil and rocks

With accredited laboratories around the world, we perform sophisticated testing to local and international standards to help you better understand soil behaviour.

Geotechnical engineering analysis and foundation design

We specialise in challenging projects, providing geotechnical engineering analysis and foundation design recommendations for buildings, infrastructure projects and industrial complexes.

Geological and geophysical surveys

As experts in the provision of geological and geophysical surveys, we offer reliable, adaptive and highly innovative bundled services.

Water Consultancy Services

We provide insight and solutions to support the design and construction of projects in the fields of water resources management and development, water defence, and flood control.

Construction materials engineering and testing

We provide assurance that the quality of materials meets design specifications – an essential element for a successful construction project.

Nondestructive testing

Meeting the most stringent international standards, we provide nondestructive testing (NDT) services for minimal interference with your construction, operations or project schedules.

Deep foundation testing

As deep foundation elements and individual projects grow larger and more complex, our specialist techniques are critical to long-term foundation performance.

Pavement management services

We are the leading global supplier of innovative, customised roadway infrastructure data collection solutions for government departments and private entities.

Marine installation services

We have extensive in-house design and fabrication capabilities for speciality nearshore drilled foundation installation, shaft construction, and associated installations in challenging marine environments.

Subsea drilling and well services

Our range of drilling and subsea well services supports the world’s oil and gas operators in reducing risk at well sites.

Gas hydrate investigations

We apply our extensive experience in offshore site investigations to the design and execution of gas hydrate investigation programmes.

Instrumentation and Monitoring

Monitoring solutions for challenging environments using structural, geotechnical and environmental monitoring systems.

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