Fugro delivers actionable intelligence to construction projects with new Gaia Insight Platform


14 Nov 2018


Leidschendam, The Netherlands

Fugro’s global launch of Gaia Insight today, introduces a fundamental new route to de-risking major construction works and shortening project cycles. The first of a suite of Gaia products, the innovative online platform delivers geotechnical, geological and structural insights. It integrates site investigation, real-time geotechnical and structural monitoring IoT and third-party data, and provides the analytics required to lower ground risk and accelerate construction project schedules.

Highlighting how the web-based platform is perfectly aligned with Fugro’s strategy of digital innovation, Alexander van Noort, Global Business Line Director for Land Site Characterisation, said, “As a world leader in the provision and analysis of Geo-data and related advice, Fugro is in the strongest possible position to become the ‘Google Earth’ for subsurface data. We’ve designed Gaia Insight to overcome the challenge of understanding the Earth and visualising the subsurface in major construction works.” Gaia Insight delivers verified data in real time, reducing uncertainties, lowering the risks of geotechnical failure and avoiding disruption to the adjacent environment. “This highly valuable, actionable intelligence allows clients to accelerate their projects, reducing costs and mitigating ground risk,” he explained.

Gaia Insight image, as used in Gaia Insight launch on 14 November 2018

Gaia Insight is already used at the world’s largest infrastructure construction sites and in civil engineering assets, providing real-time data insight and risk visualisation. In more than a hundred projects to date, it is processing over 12 million measurements per day to facilitate decision support and provide an overview of data. ‘Always-on’ access to decision support and actionable intelligence derived from site investigation data, analytics and real time geotechnical and structural monitoring is underpinned by a cloud platform that delivers system reliability better than 99.999 per cent.

With regional expansion of Gaia Insight planned for 2019, many more projects around the world are expected to benefit from the real-time insight the platform provides, mitigating ground risk, validating design assumptions and shortening project cycles by months.

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