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Introducing MASSPeople

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Fugro is leading the way on remote and autonomous technologies in the maritime industry and is shaping how the industry operates.  Mariners need support more than ever in this rapidly changing environment and Fugro has recognized this and established MASSPeople.

This group of representatives from both European and international maritime authorities will collaborate to develop world-class training and competency standards to provide ongoing assistance to operators of remote and autonomous vessels any where in the world.  This webinar will bring you valuable insight.

  • The role and purpose of MASSPeople
  • Explore what MASSPeople can bring to mariners
  • A look at the Marine Coastguard Agency (MCA) approach and how it will contribute to MASSPeople

Your hosts

Robert Gale

Senior Executive Officer, Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Senior Executive Officer with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency with over 10 years of experience in the maritime sector. His main objectives is to ensure despite disruptive technologies the seafarer is always put first.

Gordon Meadow

CEO, SeaBot XR

Chair of the IMarEST's MASS SIG, Co-Chair of the International Standards Working Group, MASSPeople, and Chair of the UK MASRWG, People Skills and Ethics Group

Ross Macfarlane

USV Policy and Public Affairs Advisor, Fugro

Leads the regulatory affairs for Fugro’s new autonomous vessels and developing the human-machine relationship by reshaping the workforce's skill set to enable safe operations and fullest potential.

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