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Hydrography round table

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To help raise awareness on the importance of hydrography in supporting sustainable use of our oceans, we brought together hydrography and ocean science industry thought leaders from Fugro, The Nippon Foundation GEBCO Seabed 2030, Schmidt Ocean Institute, UK Hydrographic Office, EMODnet, Marina Militare Italiana and XOCEAN in a round table discussion hosted at Oceanology International 2022. They took a deep dive into hydrographic applications, the Seabed 2030 project and much more. Watch the full discussion.

What you’ll learn

  • The challenges and benefits of incorporating multiple sources of bathymetric data and applying them to hydrography
  • The objectives and successes from the High North programme
  • The key technology developments for hydrographic applications to date
  • Future ambitions and developments for integrated hydrographic solutions
  • UN decade of ocean science and sustainable development
  • The key challenges faced with meeting the goals and objectives of the Seabed 2030 project
  • How EMODNet is collaborating with hydrographic data collectors and providers and contributing to global hydrographic initiatives


- Shepard Smith – XOECEAN – Chief Technology Officer

- Kate Larkin – EMODNet Secretariat – Deputy Head

- Phil Payne – UK Hydrographic Office – Survey Delivery Manager

- Massimiliano Nannini – Italian Navy – Director

- Jamie McMichael-Phillips – Nippon Foundation GEBCO Seabed 2030 – Director

- Jyotika Virmani – Schmidt Ocean Institute – Executive Director

Your hosts

Hugh Parker

Solution Owner High-Speed Hydrography

With over 20+ years of working in Fugro, Hugh is a certified hydrographer with vast experience in hydrographic surveying, business development and technology expertise supporting high-speed hydrography globally.

Marco Filippone

Solution Director Hydrography

Marco is a PhD-educated senior manager at Fugro, with more than 15 years of experience specialising in the blue economy and hydrography with technology expertise. He is also a key member of the Ocean Decade data coordination group.

David Millar

Government Accounts Director - Americas

Since joining Fugro in 2003, David has been heavily involved in supporting our hydrography and coastal mapping solutions in the Americas region. He is a key member in various maritime organisations and is a well-recognised thought leader in the industry.

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