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The technology behind Fugro’s data collections

As the world’s largest offshore survey company, Fugro is ideally suited to contribute to the Seabed 2030 project and has committed its support with crowd sourced bathymetry data. We have devised a methodology for collecting valuable high-resolution bathymetry datasets while our vessels are transiting between survey projects using some of our innovative technologies outlined below.

Getting survey data from the field to the client in a timely manner has previously had to rely on the vessel completing the work and returning to port, but not any longer. Fugro has developed a process for packaging survey data and delivering it to a terrestrial data centre, for processing and delivery to the client whilst survey operations continue uninterrupted.

As a result, Back2Base optimises the complement of onboard data processing staff, reducing cost and HSE exposure.

Data are organised and packaged into highly compressible formats using proprietary techniques and then queued for automatic transmission on a line-by-line basis or set time interval. In the destination office, data are automatically downloaded to the appropriate centre, where they are decompressed, unpackaged and made available for processing or quality control. The digital data can then be downloaded by the client.

Back2Base Flyer

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OARS® Command Centres are manned continuously by Fugro qualified surveyors, allowing for efficient monitoring and support of survey projects. Each project is equipped with innovative technology and Fugro’s software suite, with direct connection to the OARS® Command Centre. The entire survey suite can be operated remotely by command centre staff or can operate independently of the command centre via a purpose-built touchscreen navigation interface for vessel personnel.

Communication with the OARS® Command Centre is available at any time. Fugro phones and headsets onboard the vessel provide direct connection to the command centre, enabling verbal collaboration regarding status, project plan and amendments.

Remote monitoring of the survey project is available to clients from any computer or tablet with an internet connection through a secure web browser interface to the OARS® based project.

Office Assisted Remote Services (OARS)

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