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Remote Solutions for Marine Geodata

The offshore industry is experiencing a remote and autonomous revolution. Accelerated by advances in digital technologies, Fugro is leading the charge, operating a network of remote operations centres (ROCs) around the globe to support a wide range of site characterization and asset integrity projects. Fugro’s latest ROC is set to open in Newfoundland this winter, promising safer, more efficient and more sustainable offshore Geo-data solutions in the region.

Originally published in World Pipelines - October 2022 and protected by copyright.

Smart Tamp revolutionises track tamping for sustainable infrastructure design

The application of smart technology has taken tamping to a new level says Adam Carlin, Fugro’s Business Developer for Rail Maintenance. He explores the benefits of Smart Tamp, our ‘design first’ approach to tamping, in the latest edition of Inside Track. Read how our technology not only maintains track alignment but also decreases carbon emissions, cuts down track worker exposure hours and improves ride quality for safer and more sustainable railway operations.

Originally published in Inside Track - October 2022 and protected by copyright.

Time is of the essence

Time is a key driver in infrastructure development. In this article for Ground Engineering, Dr Rod Eddies explains the value of early intervention and time-saving solutions as part of Fugro's Geo-Risk Management Framework; reducing uncertainty in order to manage ground related risks.

Originally published in Ground Engineering - November 2022 and protected by copyright.

Bi-directional O-cell® foundation testing: to optimise foundation design safely and sustainably

In this article, Fugro's Melvin England and Maarten Profittlich explain how CO2 emissions can be reduced when designing foundations by applying O-cell ®bi-directional pile load testing.

Originally published in Geotechniek September 2022 and protected by copyright.

Fugro's integration of eROVs into USVs

Whilst there’s been an increase in the development and deployment of electric remotely operated vehicles (eROVs) and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) for marine operations, we’re going one step further by integrating them together into a fully remote inspection solution. Mark Bruce, Fugro’s ROV Global Product Owner – Next Generation Systems, discusses the key design requirements for our Blue Volta™ eROV, how they’re integrated with our 12 m Blue Essence™ USV, and what’s needed to realise the next generation of remote marine robotic solutions.

Originally published in Ocean Robotics Planet issue 32 - Aug 2022 and protected by copyright

Fugro’s Geo-data supports development of offshore carbon storage

Carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) is viewed as crucial to reducing the world’s carbon emissions but the industry is still in its infancy and newly licensed storage areas in the UK’s North Sea will require extensive site characterisation for safe planning, development and monitoring. Rob Hawkins, Fugro’s Commercial Excellence Manager for EUAF, explains the accurate and cost-effective solutions and technology that already exist and which will help make CCUS a reality on the UK Continental Shelf.

Originally published in OGV Energy issue 59 - Aug 2022 and protected by copyright

Offshore wind and Fugro's vertical boring machine

As governments outline ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions, it has become increasingly important for the renewables industry to find new, innovative ways to increase operational efficiency. James Amos, Fugro’s Business Development Manager, highlights how our latest innovations in vertical boring machines are future-proofing the installation of marine foundations in the latest edition of GeoDrilling International.
Originally published in GeoDrilling International - July/Aug 2022 and protected by copyright

The autonomous and digital future of Offshore environments

What does the future hold for offshore operations and how can we prepare ourselves for an autonomous and digital future? Fugro’s Hannes Swiegers recently spoke to Oil & Gas Middle East about how Fugro plans to stay ahead of change with our remote and autonomous solutions.
Originally published in Oil & Gas Middle East, June 2022 and protected by copyright

Bridging the Gap – Automation Roundtable

Many organisations are looking to automate manual processes to increase productivity, expand capabilities and counterbalance labour shortages. Pawel Michalak, Fugro’s Global Director Innovation, believes understanding the value of automation is essential before businesses make the shift to AI and robotic integration. Read his full comment in the July 2022 edition of Robotics & Innovation.

Originally published in Robotics and Innovation July 2022 issue and protected by copyright

Embracing digital transformation

US-based Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind is using Fugro’s Gaia.Hub Geo-data management solution to advance development of their renewable energy project off the coast of New Jersey. They are also helping to advance the industry with a lead-by-example embrace of digitalisation that promotes faster regulatory review, increased transparency and improved public trust.

Originally published in Sea Technology April 2022 issue and protected by copyright

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