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High output track renewals adopt high output data capture

Roy Hickman, a Senior Rail Consultant at Fugro, details the Network Rail work that the company is undertaking.
Originally published in Rail Infrastructure number 128 and is protected by copyright

Utility asset management: it's time for a rethink

Robert Hoddenbach of Fugro discusses our Virtual World Asset Management (VWAM) platform and how power infrastructure owners monitor the environmental context and condition of their assets.

Originally published in Network Magazine, March 2019 issue, and is protected by copyright

The rise of the mega-project

Fugro's Nicholas Armstrong, Simon Brightwell and Chris Coleman discuss how delivering multimillion-pound ground investigation projects takes more than just scaling up smaller schemes. 
Originally published in Ground Engineering, March 2019 issue, and is protected by copyright

Afloat, in Position and in Production

Fugro's Pim Peereboom discusses today's floating production systems and the advances of these technologies
Originally published in the Society of Maritime Industries Members Handbook & Directory 2019 and is protected by copyright

Future growth focus

Fugro looks back at the development of its business since it was first formed more than five decades ago.
Originally published in Ground Engineering 50th Anniversary Supplement, December 2018 issue, and is protected by copyright

Getting a picture

Fugro’s Rod Eddies, Simon Brightwell and Ray Wood discuss how tunnelling risks related to the ground and built structure can be managed into better stakeholder outcome.
Originally published in Tunnels and Tunnelling International, November 2018 issue, and is protected by copyright

Reducing costs and risks of deepwater exploration

Stephanie Ingle and Jim Gharib discuss the benefits and technology of seep hunting and surface geochemical campaigns.
Originally published in GEO ExPro issue 5 and is protected by copyright

Porosity and permeability values: filling the gaps with NMR

Balazs Rigler of Fugro discusses the group’s efforts to improve the efficiency and accuracy of hydrological analyses for nearshore and onshore foundation engineering in soft geology.

Originally published in the May/June 2018 issue of AGS Magazine and is protected by copyright

In at the shallow end

Paul Roach examines how Fugro's latest innovation aids drilling in the difficult intertidal zone.
Originally published in the June 2018 issue of GeoDrilling International and is protected by copyright

RILA enables track renewal designs

Passenger demand for train services has doubled in Britain over the last 20 years and more frequent services mean tracks need to be renewed more often.

Originally published in the May 2018 issue of Rail Professional and is protected by copyright

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