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Safe and sustainable hydrographic surveying

Remote and autonomous solutions are here to stay. In this edition of Ship & Offshore, Ivar de Josselin de Jong, Solution Director for remote inspection, explains how Fugro is partnering with SEA-KIT to deliver the next generation of uncrewed survey vessels (USVs) and how they are revolutionising the subsea inspection landscape.
Originally published in Ship & Offshore number 7 2020 and is protected by copyright.

“Fugro is no longer defined by oil and gas”

CEO Mark Heine discusses Fugro’s future and evolving business model, as increased revenue from the growing demand for Geo-data critical to major infrastructure and offshore wind projects reduces Fugro’s reliance on the energy market’s more traditional sectors (article in Dutch).

Originally published in Effect November 2020 and is protected by copyright.

Dyke reinforcement designed "to the cubic centimetre”

Werner Halter and Tolga Cömert explain how Fugro’s software for the Rapid Engineering Assessment of Levees (REAL 2.0) is used to automatically generate 3D models of dikes, improving design accuracy and dike stability (article in Dutch).
Originally published in Land+Water nr. 8/9 - September 2020 and is protected by copyright.

Improving nearshore and coastal mapping

Our senior hydrographer Richard Goosen takes a new look at the old problem of coastal zone mapping with an essay on Fugro RAMMS, the world’s only airborne multibeam mapping system.
Originally published in The Journal of Ocean Technology volume 15 number 3 2020 and is protected by copyright.

White spots in the infinite blue

Most of the world’s oceans are unmapped and undiscovered. In this interview for the Dutch magazine KIJK, Peter Burger and Assia Edderouzi shed light on Fugro’s role in the race to map the entire ocean floor by the end of the decade (article in Dutch).
Originally published in KIJK October 2020 and is protected by copyright.

Fugro vegetation control: A remote solution for lineside vegetation management

Trevor Burton and Dennis Hueckelbach talk PWI magazine through Fugro’s Vegetation Control solution and how it was used for Network Rail’s 2019 lineside vegetation analysis study.
Originally published in PWI (Permanent Way Institution) Journal October 2020 and is protected by copyright.

Preparing for a wind revolution

Andrew Cooper and Elena Starchenko present integrated site characterisation strategies to optimise America’s booming offshore wind development.
Originally published in Sea Technology August 2020 and is protected by copyright.

Marine Technology Society - member profile: Assia Edderouzi

Read the Marine Technology's Society member profile of Assia Edderouzi, our ocean sustainability programmes manager.
Originally published in Currents July 2020 (the Marine Technology Society magazine) and is protected by copyright.

NOIA: Q&A with Fugro

NOIA spoke with Tony Gray about Fugro's offshore industry in the US. 
Originally published in NOIA America’s Offshore Energy Industry May 2020 and is protected by copyright.

Operating remotely in challenging times

Alastair McKie, Fugro’s Director of Remote Operations for Europe and Africa, explains the benefits of our remote solutions.
Originally published in Decom News issue 40 May 2020 issue and is protected by copyright

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