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Management Appointment At Fugro N.V

Mr. J. Rüegg has joined the Board of Management of Fugro N.V.

Leidschendam, The Netherlands
16 Sep 2009  

In today’s extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Fugro, the appointment of Mr. J. Rüegg as a member of the Board of Management was approved.

Mr. Rüegg, who has Swiss nationality and was born in 1944, has joined Fugro in 1994. He has managed the Offshore Survey activities since 1999 and has made a large contribution to the growth of Fugro’s Survey division over the years. Fugro considers the appointment of Mr. Rüegg to be in the interest of the company in view of his extensive knowledge of the survey industry in order to further expand Fugro’s survey activities.

With effect from 1st October, Mr. Van Riel and Mr. Steenbakker will rotate their operational tasks, with Mr. Van Riel taking up the responsibilities as COO for the Onshore Geotechnical business line and Mr. Steenbakker becoming responsible as COO for Information Services.

This will result in that in the composition of the Board of Management, besides the CEO (Mr. Wester) and CFO (Mr. Jonkman), all three divisions will be represented with Mr. Van Riel (Geotechnical division), Mr. Rüegg (Survey division) and Mr. Steenbakker (Geoscience division).

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