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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approves the dividend for the financial year 2010 and (re)appoints members of the Supervisory Board and of the Board of Management

Fugro announced that today’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has approved all agenda items.

10 May 2011  
Leidschendam, The Netherlands

The dividend for the financial year 2010 was set at EUR 1.50 per (certificate of a) share. The dividend will at the option of the holder either be paid fully in cash or fully in (certificates of) shares. The dividend equates to a pay-out percentage of 43.7% of the net result. The ex-dividend date is 12 May 2011. The record date for dividend entitlement is 16 May 2011 (after trading hours).

Holders of shares registered in the shareholders’ register of Fugro have until 27 May 2011 (15.00h CET) to make their dividend preference known. Holders of certificates of shares have as from 17 May until 27 May 2011 (15.00h CET) to make their dividend preference known through their bank or broker to ABN AMRO N.V. Exchange Agency Services MF 2020 (fax +31 (0)10 264 4652, e-mailas.exchange.agency@nl.abnamro.com (“ABN AMRO”).

The volume of the dividend in (certificates of) shares will be determined on 1 June 2011 after trading hours, based upon the volume weighted average price of the traded certificates of the Fugro shares on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam (“Euronext Amsterdam”) on 30, 31 May and 1 June 2011. To arrive at a whole number a deviation of a maximum of 5% of the calculated value may be applied. In case no choice is made on 27 May 2011 (15.00h CET) the dividend will be paid in (certificates of) shares. Dividend rights will not be traded on Euronext Amsterdam.

Payment of the dividend will take place as from Monday 6 June 2011 at ABN AMRO.

Furthermore, Mr. J.A. Colligan was reappointed by the Annual General Meeting as member of the Supervisory Board and Mr. W.S. Rainey was appointed as member of the Board of Management in the position of Director Geotechnical Division.

Mr. F.H. Schreve, who was a member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman for a long time, did retire as Supervisory Director and Chairman. Today the Supervisory Board appointed Mr. H.C. Scheffer as new Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

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