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Fugro announces timetable for converting certificates into ordinary shares

The conversion of Fugro N.V. certificates of shares into ordinary shares will take place on 28 May 2021. On that date, certificate holders will automatically receive one ordinary share in the capital of Fugro in exchange for each certificate that they own, free of charge.

19 May 2021   07:00 CET
Leidschendam, the Netherlands

Within the framework of its refinancing in 2020, Fugro declared its intention to terminate the certification of its ordinary shares. The conversion is the final step in abolishing the certification of the Fugro ordinary shares and follows the April 2021 AGM's approval of the amendment of Fugro’s articles of association required to implement the conversion. The Board of Stichting Administratiekantoor Fugro has also resolved to terminate the certification of Fugro ordinary shares in accordance with the below timetable. The termination of the certification will lead to a further simplification of Fugro's governance structure, resulting in full compliance with the principles of the Dutch corporate governance code.

The conversion will not lead to any interruption of trading in Fugro’s securities. The timetable below sets forth the expected dates regarding the conversion and trading in Fugro's securities. 

Event Date Time
Last trades in certificates of ordinary shares 25 May 2021 17:30 CET
First trading date of ordinary shares 26 May 2021 9:00 CET
Last settlement date of certificates of ordinary shares 27 May 2021 17:30 CET
Settlement date of ordinary shares 28 May 2021


Fugro certificates will for one single day, 25 May 2021, trade under the Euronext symbol FURT. Trading in ordinary shares will resume under  the Euronext symbol, FUR as of 26 May 2021; the ISIN code will change to NL00150003E1.

For those investors who hold registered ordinary shares, the conversion will not result in a change to their position.

The related changes to the articles of association will also be implemented on 27 May 2021.

Subject to approval of the AFM, a prospectus regarding the listing of the ordinary shares is expected to be made available free of charge as required by applicable securities law regulations on 26 May 2021 via https://www.fugro.com/about-fugro/corporate-governance/protective-measures

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