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Steve Hall: How to Map the Ocean Floor

Thought Leadership 13 min

This is an episode about filling in the gaps. Gaps in our knowledge of the largest environment on the planet, the ocean. Although it is not quite true that we know less about the ocean floor than outer space, it is still the closest thing we have to an alien environment on Earth.

And that is a problem. Knowing the depth and shape of the seafloor (bathymetry) is fundamental for understanding ocean circulation, tsunami forecasting, fishing resources, sediment transport, environmental change, underwater hazards, infrastructure construction cable and pipeline routing and more.

Seabed 2030 is a scheme to fully map the ocean floor by 2030, from a starting point of just 20%. This interview was conducted live at Oceanology International in London in March, one of the most significant gatherings of marine professionals in the world.


Photo courtesy of The Ocean Agency / Ocean Image Bank.


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