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Learning from Adventure

Thought Leadership 36 min

An adventurous spirit in people has made many successful organisations what they are today. To be truly great, we often find these people are guided by a moral compass, possessing core values that provide that relentless pointer to the right way, even when all plans have turned on their head.

Fugro’s hydrographic director Mark Sinclair is a man who always knows how to find his way. In 2018 he participated in the Golden Globe Race, a single handed unassisted non-stop around the world race in traditional sailing vessels, using traditional means. No modern technology is permitted, and each skipper is completely alone at sea.

In this episode we speak to Mark, known in the sailing community as ‘Captain Coconut’ and Golden Globe Race CEO Don McIntyre to understand what it means to truly embrace adventure and self-reliance. And the importance of continuously testing ourselves. If we never push the boundaries, they will never advance.


  • Don McIntyre, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Globe Race
  • Mark Sinclair, Hydrographic Director for Asia Pacific, Fugro

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Main photo by Christophe Favreau

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Jon Baston-Pitt

Global Strategic Marketing Director at Fugro

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