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Veterans: Life After Service

Thought Leadership 47 min

What does it mean to serve? For most, a career in a military and what it is to be a soldier are complete unknowns. Deployment conjures up images of courage, of danger, and of endurance.

Yet the resourcefulness and problem-solving skills that the military imparts to its personnel also makes them a resource to civilian industries. A resource that is often under-appreciated and under-utilised by business.

In this episode we speak with two veterans to learn what former soldiers bring to a business. We will understand the obstacles that companies unknowingly put in their way… and what can be done to help businesses benefit from the skillsets of those who have lived a life in uniform. 


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Your host

Jon Baston-Pitt

Global Strategic Marketing Director at Fugro

An inquisitive mind in search of the world’s thought leaders, to explore the value and mechanisms of doing business better

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