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Fugro supports three Hong Kong power plants on their path to net zero

CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd (CLP) has awarded Fugro a 3-year non-destructive testing (NDT) and environmental monitoring contract for three power plants undergoing transition to cleaner gas-fired generation units in Hong Kong.

08 Mar 2022
Hong Kong
VI and DP pipes fitting

The new contract runs until 2024 and covers inspection, testing and monitoring services in CLP’s Castle Peak, Black Point and Penny Bay power plants, that ensure continuous power supply to more than 80 % of Hong Kong’s population.

CLP is committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and is in the interim reducing emissions by replacing coal-fired generation units with cleaner gas-fired units. Fugro‘s NDT and environmental monitoring services will support the safe operation and maintenance of all generation units, provide a pre-warning system for deteriorating emission levels, and ensure legal compliance on the journey to meet net zero goals. 

Joe Poon, Fugro’s Service Line Director for Testing in North-East Asia, said that," Fugro is proud to support CLP achieve their ambitious net zero goals and meet Hong Kong’s energy needs in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.  Our technical experts and innovative technology solutions are focused on our mission to contribute to a safe and liveable world.” 

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Contact Joe Poon at j.poon@fugro.com


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