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Fugro supports complex environmental clean-up project in Denmark

Fugro has successfully completed an environmental project supporting the clean-up of one of the most contaminated sites in Denmark.

23 Apr 2021
Berlin, Germany
Decontamination site

A consortium of COWI A/S, RAMBOLL A/S and Geosyntec, contracted by the Region of Southern Denmark to decontaminate the site, engaged Fugro to install 800 injection wells over a total area of 2000 m² using specialist direct push technology which is lighter and safer than conventional drill technology. The injection wells will be used by the consortium to inject remediation fluids into the soil and groundwater to break down contaminants.

More than 50 years ago, large volumes of liquid industrial and pharmaceutical waste were discharged into sand pits on the western coast of southern Denmark over a period of more than a decade, which resulted in the heavily polluted soil and groundwater producing contaminant plumes stretching all the way to the North Sea. The site is located in one of Denmark’s most popular vacation spots but the levels of pollution mean the affected areas are out of bounds until the site has been fully remediated.

Torben Højbjerg Jørgensen, COWI’s project manager, said: “This project was carried out very satisfactorily by Fugro in terms of quality of the work and compliance with the tight schedule.”

Dr Markus Hirsch, Project Manager at Fugro, said: “This was a complex project which required three onsite teams working across a small area. However, through meticulous planning, organising and scheduling, we completed the fieldwork quickly and accurately, which allowed the consortium’s in situ remediation to start ahead of schedule.”



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