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Fugro helps Xtera finalise high-speed fibre-optic cable route between Norway and UK

Fugro has begun a pre-installation and route engineering survey project to support their client, Xtera, on NO-UK’s major fibre-optic cable installation between Norway and the UK.

03 Aug 2020
Bremen, Germany
Fugro Galaxy

Xtera has engaged Fugro to help make the NO-UK cable system one of the most secure data traffic routes across the North Sea by advising on final route selection and specifying the required burial conditions to minimise risk of cable damage from anchoring and trawling.

With a capacity of up to 216 terabits per second, the new fibre-optic cable system will significantly increase data capacity between Norway and the rest of the world and will be in service by late 2021. Enabling risk-free installation, and employing a consultative engineering approach, Fugro’s project will run for approximately 70 days and comprises a geophysical survey, and shallow geotechnical testing with environmental sampling, analysis and testing, to generate a thorough understanding of the planned route. The Fugro Galaxy, Fugro’s multipurpose 65 m vessel, is supporting the offshore activities and Xtera will benefit from near-real-time Geo-data access and office-based support via various proprietary remote technologies, including Fugro’s Back2Base™.

Joerg Schwartz, Chief Partners and Solutions Officer for Xtera, said: “With our customer NO-UK, we look forward to working with Fugro as part of the team, bringing their professionalism and quality approach to data acquisition, analysis and route selection. This critical phase of the project must be completed on time for us to maintain the overall project schedule, and that is where Fugro’s depth of resource, experience and commitment to project success really count.” 

Malte Cesson, Fugro’s Commercial Manager for Cable Route Surveys, added: “We are extremely pleased to partner with Xtera for such an important project, which is a key milestone for broadband connectivity between Norway and the UK. Our expert services during the crucial planning and engineering phase will optimise the final route of this important communications infrastructure project to help mitigate risk and deliver value through our Geo-data insights.”

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