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Fugro welcomes accelerated offshore wind development with UK Sector Deal announcement

Fugro welcomes the recent announcement of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal in the UK, together with the expected acceleration in the transition to clean growth.

01 Apr 2019
Wallingford, UK

Having already enabled numerous offshore wind developers to commission their projects on time and within budget, Fugro continues to play a major role in delivering integrated marine datasets to inform critical development decisions in the UK and overseas. 

The commitment to deliver at least 30GW of offshore wind by 2030, announced by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, will further accelerate the development of offshore wind in the UK. It provides Fugro with visibility of a pipeline of projects and will also stimulate worldwide growth in offshore wind. While Fugro has already undertaken contracts at offshore wind developments in parts of the Asia Pacific region and on the east coast of North America, the Sector Deal creates further opportunities for Fugro’s UK-based experts to work with their global colleagues to realise the potential growth. 

“The new Sector Deal endorses our recently announced strategy to work with our clients and partners to create a safe and liveable world,” said Mark Heine, Fugro’s CEO. “We have more than 20 years of experience working in offshore wind, with contracts at more than 100 offshore wind locations successfully completed. Our working methods are tailored to meet the demand of the offshore wind industry, acquiring and analysing a comprehensive range of data and providing our clients with essential advice.” 

Fugro delivers data to clients in real time enabling them to reduce design risk and project development time - both critical factors in the offshore wind industry’s drive to reduce overall project costs. Fugro’s data acquisition systems are becoming increasingly more digitised, enabling them to utilise remote operations, reduce offshore manning, and lower HSE risk. 

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