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Fugro to participate in the 2016 Arctic Observing Summit in Fairbanks, Alaska

Fugro’s Alaska Division Manager Rada Khadjinova will participate in a session of the upcoming 2016 Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) focused on the topic of sustained private sector contributions to Arctic observations. Scheduled for the afternoon of March 16, the session comprises an international panel of experts co-led by Paul Holthus of the World Ocean Council and David Arthurs of Polar View Earth Observation.

11 Mar 2016
Anchorage, Alaska

Fugro is a longtime partner to both private- and public-sector organizations working in the Arctic. Ms. Khadjinova will draw from Fugro’s experience to address the types of data industry typically acquires and shares; the assets and resources industry can offer to help sustain Arctic observations; and the value proposition for industry operating in Arctic.

AOS is a biennial event, this year scheduled for March 15-18 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. AOS 2016 is being held in conjunction with the Arctic Science Summit Week and the 2016 Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials meeting. Additional information on all three events is available at www.assw2016.org.


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