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FaCT™ Consulting Tools Maximize Production at Industrial Expansion Project

Fugro recently completed design and construction control for compacted cohesive fills at an industrial expansion project in Louisiana using our FaCT consulting tools.

21 Aug 2015

Use of this breakthrough technology allowed our consultants to qualify a broader range of on-site materials as suitable structural clay fills, eliminating the need to import expensive materials and make full use of existing stockpiled material and excavation spoils.  Costly modification of the fill soils with lime was also avoided.

FaCT consulting tools were used to define the actual moisture-density compaction curves (the field compaction curves) for the particular lift thicknesses, compactors and fill materials being placed on site.  Our knowledge of the field compaction curve also allowed our consultants to define a broader range of acceptable moisture contents at the time of placing the fills thereby minimizing any moisture content conditioning of the fills.Use of FaCT consulting tools, contrary to approaches based on laboratory compaction tests that date back to the first half of the 20th Century and apply to compactors that are no longer in industry use, avoids trial and error processes on site where contractors try to match the behavior of their compactor to an unrepresentative laboratory target.

Traditional industry specifications for the compaction of cohesive fills generally inadvertently fail to achieve basic engineering objectives for these fills and often force the compaction equipment to be operated such that the fills are not optimally compacted.  Our advanced knowledge of compaction processes and our abilities to analyze these reliably using the FaCT consulting tools before construction operations commence means that we can provide recommendations and specifications that maximize construction production and minimize cost whilst at the same time delivering compacted fills of the highest practicable industry quality with obvious benefits for long term service performance and minimized maintenance costs.


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