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Fugro to Present Paper on Wave Spectral Characterisation for Fatigue Calculations

At February’s RINA Conference Fugro will present a paper on the representation of directional wave spectra used for calculating fatigue on floating structures.

Wallingford, UK
23 Feb 2015

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) Conference will focus on structural load and fatigue in relation to floating structures. It will highlight the importance of structural analysis and fatigue calculations in assessing risk and investigating the potential to extend the life of the structure.

Fugro has a wealth of experience in the analysis and interpretation of metocean characteristics in order to derive site-specific design and operating criteria for the offshore oil and gas industry. At the RINA Conference Fugro GEOS representatives Richard Sproson (Consultant Oceanographer) and Jill Bradon (Consultancy Service Line Manager) will present their paper on wave spectral characterisation for fatigue calculations.

The accuracy of the motion responses computed for a floating structure depends on the quality of the wave data used as input to the analysis. Standard theoretical spectral shapes are commonly used to represent wave energy, and the co-authors investigate alternative formulations to find the most appropriate for fatigue loading calculations in three different parts of the world.

The paper discusses the analysis of directional wave spectra taken from a global Wavewatch III hindcast model, a task that involved partitioning spectra data into wind-sea and swell components, and assessing the most suitable theoretical spectral shape to use in each region.

Conference: Structural Load & Fatigue on Floating Structures
Date: 25 February 2015  
Location: RINA, London


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