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Two ARAN 9000 Data Collection Systems for Nigeria

Fugro has recently delivered two ARAN 9000 systems to the Rivers State Bureau on Public Procurement in Nigeria, Africa.

19 Jun 2014

These high-speed inertial profilers are the first of their kind in the country. This investment will provide the Rivers State Bureau with the tools to simultaneously and continuously monitor road conditions, inventory assets and collect pavement condition data, including measuring the smoothness and texture of the roads. This will ensure the safety of the roads for its citizens and allow it to create rehabilitation plans to ensure longer lasting roads.

Fugro’s state-of-the-art ARAN 9000 collects pavement condition and asset data allowing transportation departments to determine the quality and status of their roadways and assets. ARANs are capable of traveling up to posted highway speeds while collecting the data quickly and directly uploading it to the ARAN. This information can then be used to determine which roads require maintenance, allowing road owners to create appropriate road rehabilitation plans. These high-speed profilers also offer a 3D pavement system (Pave3D) that can detect the distress of roads in clearer detail and can collect assets, such as signage, along the roadways for inventory purposes. Rivers State Bureau’s ARAN 9000 systems have a user friendly operating system, advanced software and easily portable subsystem components.

The systems exceeded the Bureau’s expectations of requirements for systems that would assist in the areas of road profiling, general pavement management (such as levelling and ride quality) and highway asset inventory. Two production-ready ARAN 9000 systems were delivered directly to the Rivers State Bureau in Nigeria and were configured to their specifications. Additionally, and as with the previous ARAN platform, the ARAN 9000 allows for customer-specific configuration and the ability to upgrade with additional subsystems as required.

Fugro Roadware’s Managing Director, David Lowe, commented, “We are excited to provide two ARAN 9000 systems to the Rivers State Bureau that are able to meet both their technical and service requirements. This purchase will enable the Bureau to monitor and improve the quality of its highways. Fugro looks forward to building upon this relationship and assisting the Rivers State Bureau in monitoring and maintaining its road network in the future.”

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