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Vision 2.2 Software Release

Fugro is pleased to announce the release of Vision 2.2 processing and analysis software. With Vision, clients can view, process, and understand their pavement management data faster than ever before.

02 Jun 2014
North America

With six major releases of Vision and over 300,000 miles processed in 2013 alone, this new release adds even more powerful features and time-saving improvements to the existing platform. 

Vision can now display collected data for the entire road network at once on the built-in map. To work through terabytes of incoming data, Vision 2.2 includes distributed processing support that turns your networked workstations into a distributed processing cluster. With Vision you do not have to choose between efficient processing and customised processing to meet your specifications. A new 64-bit version of the Batch Processor helps take full advantage of available hardware and memory on today‟s more powerful processing machines. These improvements reduce the time required to process the data, giving users more time to analyse the results.

The WiseCrax2D module now includes a vastly improved, automated incremental detection algorithm. The WiseCrax3D module can now automatically detect potholes, ravelling, curbs, drop-offs and faulting with severity levels and displays them in a colourful visual format together with the cracking data super-imposed on the 3D pavement images.

Vision solves another persistent challenge in the industry. Year-to-year comparisons are difficult with inconsistently geo-referenced data across multiple cycles. Instead of manually segmenting each section to the clients‟ GIS, Vision 2.2 uses advanced auto-matching algorithms to merge the collected data with the road network using the ARAN‟s highaccuracy GPS. Vision is still the only software on the market that can automatically splice together multiple collection runs into one final data set, reducing the need for costly reruns in the field. “Our development team is continually making improvements to Vision as part of our quest to achieve full automation of processing and complete visibility of the analysis results. We want ARAN owners and clients of our services to achieve the most value out of the collected data,” commented Michael Nieminen, Director of Products and Technology for Fugro Roadware. 

To make it easier for clients who have large numbers of VisiData installations to transition to the web-based iVision software, Fugro has added a simple „Export to VisiData‟ option in Vision. This allows for a phased implementation approach where end users can continue to use the tools with which they are most familiar and to adopt Vision and iVision in parallel. 

David Lowe, Managing Director of Fugro Roadware, stated, “Vision allows us to provide faster turn-around of higher quality data to our clients. Our team is focused on delivering a streamlined, end-to-end experience for all our ARAN, Vision, and iVision customers.”

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