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Fugro Delivers New ARAN 9000 to Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute Group

Fugro recently delivered the latest ARAN 9000 pavement management data collection vehicle to the Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute Group (JSTRI) in China.

Asia Pacific
21 Apr 2014

JSTRI has provided research consulting services to the Chinese transportation industry since 1978. The ARAN 9000 will be a key technological asset for JSTRI by providing their research team with a system capable of collecting detailed data at posted highway speeds. 

The ARAN (Automatic Road Analyzer) system delivered to JSTRI is configured with the latest 3D pavement measurement technology. This system is able to measure surface texture and concrete faulting as well as pavement distresses such as cracking and rutting, while other on-board systems simultaneously collect the IRI (International Roughness Index) pavement roughness, all in a single pass. 

To ensure the research group is fully equipped with the best software to handle and process the extensive data captured using the ARAN 9000, JSTRI will be provided with Vision, Fugro's enterprise processing, analysis, visualization and reporting software. Vision has been designed to work seamlessly with the data collected using the ARAN series of products allowing JSTRI to deliver quality processed data for all their research and consulting projects. 

Each new ARAN is commissioned on-site by skilled Fugro technicians. They work closely with the client to ensure that the survey equipment is delivered to meet local standards in addition to providing in-depth training on the systems, processes and applications of all the new products. Training covers both the practical and theoretical aspects of operating the ARAN equipment and the software systems. Michael Nieminen, Director of Products and Technology at Fugro Roadware said, “Fugro’s ARANs are equipped with the best available hardware and software to meet the needs of road engineers and infrastructure managers. We are very pleased to have delivered more than ten ARANs to monitor roads in Asia in the past few years. The ARAN 9000 will be a great fit for the Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute Group.” 

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