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Fugro's role in construction of the world's tallest tower

Fugro recently completed detailed ground investigations and specialist foundations testing for a new supertall tower in Saudi Arabia.

10 Apr 2014
United Arab Emirates

The record-breaking Kingdom Tower will be the centrepiece of the new Kingdom City development in Jeddah and, at a height of over 1,000 metres, will become the world's tallest tower.

As the global leader in deep foundation load testing, Fugro was appointed to undertake a detailed investigation of the ground conditions and load carrying capacities of the soils and rocks at varying depths at the project site.

In 2010, Fugro's assessment of the unit friction and end-bearing under different loading conditions provided the necessary information for the designer to optimise the foundation design. Following the award of the main piling works in 2013, Fugro was appointed as the foundation testing specialist for the permanent piles.

Using Fugro's unique O-cell® technology in both single-level and multi-level instrument configurations, the proof tests demonstrated the reliability of the construction method and proved that the capacity of the piles would meet the required specifications.

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