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Q1400 trencher mobilises onto the Fugro Saltire

After a very successful first full year of operation in 2013 on the chartered in vessel Havila Phoenix completing 4 Oil and Gas projects with 60km of trenching, one of the two Fugro Subsea Services owned and operated Q1400 trenching systems has now been mobilised and fully integrated onto the FSSL operated multipurpose subsea construction vessel Fugro Saltire ready for a busy 2014.

02 Apr 2014
United Kingdom

The mobilisation onto Fugro Saltire was conducted in January to commence work on 2 windfarm projects where the system will be used to carry out trenching and burial on a total of 136 array cables approx. 800m each. The first of these projects is for CT offshore on the RWE Gwynt y Mor windfarm in the Irish Sea. The vessel will also work on the second project which is located just off the Humber Estuary the first phase of this work will be for a short period in May and then the vessel will return to finish at Gwynt y Mor during the summer and return back to the Humber in late summer.

The Q1400 Trenching System which is now fully integrated onto the Fugro Saltire has already been operated in both jet trenching & mechanical chain cutting modes on the first project proving its uniqueness in being able to offer clients a flexible trenching solution from one vessel.

The Q1400 Trenching System consists of a common trenching module and two separate tracked jetting and mechanical cutting skids. In jetting mode the Trencher can be operated with either 2m or 3m jetting swords and is capable of accommodating products of up to 900mm (36”) in diameter. The sophisticated jetting system also has the capability for backwashing / eduction and back filling of seabed material while jet trenching. When operated in Chain-cutting mode, the unit uses a 2m by 400mm wide chain cutter coupled with an instrumented cable guide and depressor with two product lifting and loading arms. This has the capability to accommodate flexible products up to 250mm in diameter and is ideal for working in tough seabed conditions in harder clays.


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