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Fugro GEOS Shares its Expertise with Shell

As the world’s foremost provider of commercial meteorological and oceanographic services, Fugro GEOS is keen to promote a broader understanding of the application of metocean data within the offshore industry. It’s recent ‘Metocean Measurement Awareness’ course was a big hit with metocean specialists from Shell.

13 Dec 2013

When it comes to designing marine facilities and their associated infrastructure for the offshore industry, an awareness of the prevailing metocean conditions is absolutely vital.

The same can be said of the through-life support and maintenance of these facilities – without a good understanding of the impact of metocean processes, the asset owners would be hard pressed to manage costs and health, safety and environmental controls effectively.

For energy and petrochemicals expert Shell, the availability and interpretation of high-quality metocean measured data is fundamental to the long-term viability of its offshore facilities. So the three-day Metocean Measurement Awareness course in Wallingford, UK, was of great interest to engineering, metocean and ice specialists from within this organisation.

Richard Davies, Course Facilitator and Fugro GEOS Commercial Manager, said: “The course was developed by our team of metocean experts. It centres on technical approaches to measurement operations, including the capabilities and appropriate use of instruments common to the offshore industry, and addressing techniques appropriate to ice-affected operations.

“It uses a blend of classroom sessions, practical workshops and water-borne practical exercises to give the participants a hands-on understanding of the strengths and limitations of conventional moored instruments and real-time systems techniques, as well as a good appreciation of data analysis and quality control techniques. We also explore the health and safety considerations that are vital to all metocean projects.”  

Judging by the feedback, the course went down very well with the participants from Shell. A Graduate Metocean Engineer with Shell said: “The course gave me a really good overview on the deployment of metocean equipment, I found the presentations very informative and the practical sessions were tailored to the typical metocean requirements of the oil and gas industry.”

Subsequent feedback from participants involved in previous courses has also been very positive, and it is hoped that the 2013 participants will be similarly able to use their exposure to these ideas and techniques to strengthen their expertise.


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