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Shell - 20 years of metocean support by Fugro

Fugro has recently obtained an extension to its longest continuous metocean contract. The contract renewal with Sarawak Shell Berhad (SSB) and Sabah Shell Petroleum Company (SSPC) is a four-year addendum (from 2012 to 2016) to twenty years of commitment.

15 Aug 2012
Wallingford, UK

This multi-disciplinary contract continues the provision of an eleven-station integrated automatic weather station (AWS) network, along with support and maintenance services plus a broad ranging call-off measurement and consultancy service offshore and onshore Malaysia.

Previous call-off metocean measurement campaigns have supported various operations including drilling off Sarawak and pipeline route planning off Sabah, continuing through SSB’s exploration and development activities.

“This renewal represents what is now a twenty-year working relationship - something of which we are very proud as it demonstrates the trust and satisfaction that clients have in our work,” says Michael Quinnell, Fugro Offshore Systems Manager.

The AWS network will continue to monitor data in real-time to support helicopter and crew vessel operations, oil spill plans and other weather-sensitive field support operations. The data, which include full meteorological, wave and current parameters, assist adherence to both companies’ Adverse Weather Working Policy (AWWP) and are also used in the review of field design and operating criteria.

SSB/SSPC have also opted to commence a trial involving high frequency wave sampling from wave radars on their offshore platforms, which is targeted to improve the accuracy of wave crest measurements and resulting wave crest energy determination.

In addition to the existing service, Fugro will be upgrading the AWS by installing twelve new servers to accommodate the fast-growing information technology requirement. All automatic weather monitoring software will be upgraded at the eleven offshore and onshore stations; various sensor upgrades will also be conducted. The ongoing contract also includes the provision of services such as deploying, operating, maintaining and calibrating SSB/SSPC’s own equipment.

“The technology used in the acquisition and handling of metocean data has evolved considerably over the twenty years that Shell and Fugro have been working together,” explains Michael Quinnell. “Some of the advances developed by Fugro were first implemented in Malaysian waters. With the renewal of this services contract we look forward to continuing to meet Shell’s exacting metocean standards and supporting Shell’s activities in the region in the future.”


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