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Key Development Project Provides Beach Profile Data

With the aim of bringing substantial improvements to flood protection worldwide, Flood Control 2015 is a public-private partnership for crisis management during flood alerts. As two of the private initiators of the programme, Fugro and Deltares are working together on two key development projects.

07 Jun 2012

Coastal engineers are set to benefit from improved data to support decision-making on managing coastal retreat, coastal defence failure, the risks of wave overtopping and inundation in the event of storms and the safety of beach users and coastal dwellers.

3-year research project, funded under the Flood Control 2015 programme, involves the deployment of an Argus Monitoring System coupled to a series of models. Fugro GEOS is working with Deltares, fellow partner in the programme, to provide data in near real-time on the evolution of the beach profile and the potential erosion due to forecast wave or current activity.

Using the Argus camera system, images are acquired every half hour and the image processing software identifies breaking waves. Coupled with knowledge of the wave environment, seabed bathymetry and current conditions, the XBeach modelling system is then utilised to determine changes in the seabed bathymetry which can then be assimilated into the wave models for the next model run. All the system data is collected by Fugro companies through wind, wave, current and water level measurements and modelling, lidar surveys and nearshore bathymetric surveys.

Further development by Fugro GEOS is expected to lead to a commercially-available product. Designed for use by coastal engineers in an operational environment, the new system will also benefit from an effective maintenance and support service.

“The system provides information with high temporal and spatial resolution that allows coastal engineers to focus their resources in a cost effective manner,” explained Karen Stapleton, Project Manager, Fugro GEOS.


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