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Fugro Team Up to Offer a Slick Service

Fugro GEOS is combining its weather forecasting expertise with the services of Fugro NPA to bring improved accuracy to a facility which records and analyses oil leakage. Fugro NPA works closely with all satellite operators and provides satellite data and mapping products to suit the requirements of a wide variety of clients.

24 May 2012

As part of its specialist services to the oil and gas industry, the company provides satellite imagery to record oil slicks caused by natural seeps, accidental release, illegal ship dumping or unauthorised bilge cleaning. This allows an operator to ensure that spills from their facilities or vessels are detected and dealt with efficiently. The method can also identify other potential sources of pollution in an area which may otherwise be wrongly attributed to an operator.

Weather forecasting services from Fugro GEOS enable Fugro NPA to identify the optimum weather window for obtaining the relevant satellite images. In the case of monitoring and recording oil slicks, this can be when the wind speed is in the range between 2.5 and 5 metres per second.


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