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Forecasting Service Proves its Worth

Ensuring safe and efficient operations of offshore assets is essential for all oil and gas operators. It was with the Bonga and Sea Eagle FPSOs in mind, along with its onshore assets, that Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) awarded a three-year weather forecasting contract to Radial Circle Telecommunications Ltd of Lagos and their UK-based technical partner, Fugro.

14 Feb 2012

The contract includes the first operational sale of Metis, Fugro’s web-based data delivery system. Metis provides access to forecasts, model data and warnings and serves as a comprehensive suite for metocean data delivery. The safety of marine and aviation transfers to the two FPSOs, located offshore Nigeria involves timely decisions and the integration of weather observations from all relevant sites, forecasts and meteorological aviation reports (METARs) is a key requirement.

“Whilst wind swell waves affect SNEPCO operations, rapidly occurring squalls are by far the most significant weather hazard,” explains Trevor Pitt, Forecast Manager in Fugro GEOS’ UK office handling the technical side of the contract. “They develop in situ creating risks to both marine and aviation operations.”

The forecast service and the Metis system were presented to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and other departments during a visit to the FPSOs by Trevor, along with SNEPCO contract manager, Eyo Oku and Dennis Ojomah of Radial Circle.

Coincidentally, during the visit, increasing cloud density around the FPSO indicated a developing thunderstorm just as a squall warning appeared on Metis. At the location the squall reached 28 knots! The hour’s notice allowed suitable precautions to be taken, highlighting the value of the forecasting service.

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