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State of Victoria selects Fugro for Riparian Mapping contract

The Department of Sustainability and Environment, within the State Government of Victoria, Australia, has awarded a contract to Fugro Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd to supply geospatial services to support the department’s third iteration of the Index of Stream Condition project.

West Perth, Australia
09 Nov 2009

The project requires aerial survey acquisition of high resolution lidar and 4 band imagery data along 26,000 km of the Victorian river network. Geospatial datasets describing the physical form surrounding all major rivers in Victoria will be produced from the data, enabling an assessment of the riparian zones. This is the first time that an assessment will be derived from remotely sensed data on a state-wide basis; previous assessments were completed through traditional field sampling at a representative number of sites across the state.

Additionally, approximately 13,000 km2 of lidar data will be collected over major floodplains, providing improved data for water infrastructure and flood modelling programs.

The project continues a long and successful relationship between Fugro Spatial Solutions and the Department of Sustainability and Environment with Fugro Spatial Solutions undertaking several major Imagery and lidar projects over the last 5 years for the State for Victoria.

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