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Be prepared for oil spills

'Be prepared' is not only the Scout movement motto, but also a sound business and environmental maxim for an industry that needs to be constantly prepared for oil spills. Two members of the Fugro 'family' - Fugro Brasil and Fugro GEOS - are on hand to help.

18 Dec 2008

Fugro Brasil works with state-of-the-art oil spill dispersion modelling, using the OSCAR (Oil Spill Contingency and Response) model developed by Norway's SINTEF. OSCAR can be used in a variety of applications focusing on the support of contingency planning, risk analysis and on the monitoring of oil spill accidents. The software also incorporates tools for planning and testing of contingency and response measures.

Fugro GEOS offers complimentary services, providing meteorological and oceanographic data to drive and calibrate the oil spill models. Desk studies, providing information on the prevailing metocean conditions of a region, can offer great support to the development of a customised oil spill model such as the OSCAR software suite. Long term data sets from regional oceanographic and meteorological hindcast studies can be used as preliminary drivers for oil spill mitigation. Measured data, from real-time buoy and platform-based systems, incorporated into the OSCAR display will assist with Emergency Response Procedures. Combining real-time data with Fugro GEOS weather forecasting services will also provide valuable input into the OSCAR model to generate stochastic (probabilistic) simulations of oil dispersion throughout the region of interest.


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