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Fugro introduces new High Performance Satellite Navigation Service

Fugro introduces a new satellite based precise positioning service: G2.

03 Dec 2008
Leidschendam, The Netherlands

This new high performance navigation service combines the navigation satellites of both the American GPS constellation and the Russian GLONASS constellation, to produce a composite GPS/GLONASS position solution. The service utilises Fugro’s own network of dual system reference stations to calculate ‘orbit and clock’ errors on a satellite by satellite basis for all 50 satellites of the two global navigation satellite systems thus providing consistent decimetre level accuracy positioning on a world wide basis.

G2 is the first real-time, precise, orbit and clock solution developed by a commercial company for GLONASS and it is also the first combined orbit and clock GPS/GLONASS solution from any real-time source. This achievement has been possible because of Fugro’s long experience in the field of precise satellite based positioning systems. The development of G2 has benefited from the close cooperation between Fugro Seastar and ESOC (European Space Operation Centre), a division of ESA (European Space Agency). By using the full range of satellites from both the American and Russian systems Fugro can ensure best possible service – even when satellite visibility is partially obstructed. This can occur when an offshore vessel is close to an oil rig or platform, it can occur when a cruise ship is in a high sided fjord, it can occur during a survey of a dense urban environment, and it can also occur during ionospheric disturbances. Fugro expects to see practical use of G2 in all areas of its positioning business: certainly offshore but also in coastal waters and even in land based applications.

The company states that the G2 service has undergone extensive laboratory and field tests and will be available from 1st February 2009.

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