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Strong Commitment To Education By Fugro GEOS

A $5,000 undergraduate scholarship funded by Fugro GEOS confirms its commitment to education. The scholarship will be administered by the Society for Underwater Technology – Houston Chapter (SUT Houston), as part of the SUT 2007 scholarship program.

24 May 2007

“We are delighted to sponsor this scholarship for the 3rdth consecutive year,” explains Rob Smith, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Fugro GEOS Inc. “Providing support for, and promoting the education of, future subsea engineering and marine science professionals remains extremely important to us. We are firm believers in the value of the SUT’s ongoing program.”

The wider SUT Houston programme

This year SUT Houston will again be offering three $5,000 undergraduate scholarships and a $10,000 graduate scholarship. FMC has joined Fugro GEOS in sponsoring additional $5,000 undergraduate scholarships administered on their behalf by SUT Houston.

Applicants are encouraged and welcomed from the fields of marine science, technology and engineering or mainline science and engineering courses where students can demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the marine field or a marine application for their studies.  Undergraduate students must have completed at least one year of full-time study, and must be enrolled full time while receiving the scholarship. Graduate students must also be enrolled in full time graduate study.  Applicants can be students of any nationality in full-time study at any accredited college or university within the United States.

How to apply

Full details of how to apply for a scholarship and further information about SUT Houston can be found at www.suthouston.com .  The deadline for application is June 15, 2007.  The scholarships will be awarded for academic year 2007-08.

SUT Houston is also eager to expand the scholarship program, in particular through the administration of scholarship funds from industry sponsors, like Fugro GEOS.  During this time of intense personnel shortages for the offshore industry, the SUT scholarship program offers sponsor organizations positive exposure to the academic sector and an opportunity to choose possible future employees, without draining scarce administrative resources. It is urging organizations interested in providing a graduate or undergraduate scholarship to go to www.suthouston.com and/or contact Kathleen Venable – SUT Administrator (email: administrator@suthouston.com ) or Jodi Roberts – Marketing and Business Development.(email: jodiroberts@suthouston.com ). Further information on Fugro GEOS, is available fromwww.geos.com 


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