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Online Payment For Prepaid Weather Forecasts

Paying for weather forecasts has never been easier. A click of a mouse and a few keystrokes ensures that the Fugro GEOS prepaid weather forecasts are readily available. Customers can now purchase a fixed number of Tokens online using their credit/debit cards at www.landforecast.net. Once purchased, the Tokens are redeemed per call and valid for 12 months.

27 Oct 2006

No pre-recorded weather forecasts

Calls are to experienced forecasters who provide the latest weather forecasts; or with whom specific weather requirements can be discussed, 24/7. “It is imperative that our customers are able to speak to an expert forecaster and get the exact information that they want,” explains Trevor Pitt, Forecast Manager. “A generic pre-recorded forecast just cannot measure up to our one-to-one service.”

World and industry-wide weather forecasts

Construction, crane, film, insurance and advertising companies all regularly make use of the Fugro GEOS consultancy forecasting service, that supplies instant up-to-date forecasts for any global location for up to ten days ahead and operates 24/7.

Using global meteorological and satellite data Fugro GEOS’ experienced forecasters prepare detailed, yet easy-to-understand forecasts for a wide variety of applications, including world-wide sunrise and sunset times, climate data and weather hindcast studies. More at www.landforecast.net


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