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Integration Of Fugro GEOS And Fugro Structural Monitoring

Fugro Structural Monitoring has now become a division of Fugro GEOS, allowing Fugro GEOS to extend its already broad range of services.

11 Oct 2005

“This amalgamation not only highlights the Fugro Group’s intention to focus efforts into the development of the existing Fugro GEOS business by selective acquisition and organic growth to offer our clients an integrated approach to the offshore market globally, but is the logical culmination of a process which started some years ago when Fugro Structural Monitoring and Fugro GEOS’s Seasystems division first worked together on integrated projects for our offshore clients under the banner of Fugro Integrated Marine Monitoring (Fugro IMMS),” explains Jeff Coutts, Managing Director of Fugro GEOS.

“In simple terms, Seasystems measures the oceanmet inputs to a structure, and Structural Monitoring measures the responses (dynamic motions, loads etc).  Our ‘joined up’ Fugro IMMS thinking enabled us to offer integrated packages to a number of clients.  Bringing Fugro Structural Monitoring under the Fugro GEOS name can only further enhance the range of services we provide to clients, particularly in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa.”

Seasystems and Structural Monitoring started working together in 1998 with a weather and vessel motion package for a floating vessel for exploration work off the Falkland Islands, and they have since co-operated on increasingly complex projects.  These include the IRIS-3D (Integrated Riser Instrumentation System) for deepwater drilling and work over risers (two systems have already been supplied).  Currently Fugro IMMS is working to provide BP with an innovative VIV (Vortex Induced Vibration) monitoring system for the Development Driller 2 vessel for operation in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The full integration of Structural Monitoring capabilities offers Fugro GEOS clients a highly cost effective, one-stop source of integrated marine monitoring systems. It operates on a worldwide basis with manufacturing facilities in Scotland, Houston and Norway and service and marketing bases at all the Fugro GEOS offices around the world.

Further information is available at www.geos.com and from info@geos.com .


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