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Management Change At Fugro GEOS

After 25 years service to the industry, Dr Ralph Rayner has resigned as managing director of Fugro GEOS and has been replaced in this role by Jeff Coutts. Dr Rayner will retain his links with Fugro GEOS, a world leader in the provision of oceanographic and meteorological systems and services, in a consultancy capacity.

08 Jul 2005

Jeff Coutts has been with the Fugro Group for over 25 years, and brings with him a wealth of experience having managed several of the Fugro operating companies. He also sits on the board of the UK Holding Company. Besides managing Fugro GEOS, Mr Coutts’ initial task will be to integrate Fugro Structural Monitoring, the specialised engineering consultancy, which undertakes the measurement and analysis of structures in-service, into the oceanographic business.

“This amalgamation highlights the Fugro Group’s intention to focus efforts into the development of the existing Fugro GEOS business by selective acquisition and organic growth in order to offer an integrated approach to the offshore market world-wide, particularly in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa,” explains Mr Coutts. “Indeed, our planned changes represent a great opportunity to accelerate the oceanographic business’s growth whilst strengthening the portfolio of services offered by Fugro GEOS.”

“Naturally I am pleased that Ralph Rayner will be retaining his links with Fugro GEOS as a consultant to the company, his expertise is widely regarded and sought after throughout the industry. I would like to pay tribute to all that he has done to grow the company over the past two decades.”

Further information on all aspects of Fugro GEOS activity can be found at www.geos.com


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