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Introducing The Seawatch Partnership

SeaWatch Buoy systems installed in numerous countries around the world have formed part of the Global Ocean Observation System (GOOS) network for many years. This involvement was strengthened earlier this year, on 29 April 2004, when the operators and owners of these SeaWatch systems convened to form the SEAWATCH PARTNERSHIP forum.

15 Dec 2004

The operators of SEAWATCH technology stem from institutions and organizations from 10 different countries responsible for national ocean observing and forecasting systems.  They include marine research institutes with national responsibilities within their fields and institutions that represent marine infrastructure sectors in their countries.

The SEAWATCH PARTNERSHIP forum will serve as a platform for the representatives of these institutions and organisations  to encourage the establishment of common standards and operating practices, and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas on future developments.

Through the cooperation of the SEAWATCH PARTNERSHIP, members aim to advance the state-of-the-art technology in the field and to help foster the links between scientific research, operational monitoring, operational forecasting and the end users of ocean data. The objective is to formulate working groups and workshops to establish best practices, and to promote them through presentations, discussion groups and technical demonstrations. Furthermore, the Partnership will seek to develop the relationship between SEAWATCH and the wider objectives of GOOS.

Members of the SEAWATCH PARTNERSHIP will thus have the opportunity to access a wealth of experience, not only from the operation of SeaWatch technology, but also from a wide range of other marine activities and the management and funding of such activities.

For further information on the SEAWATCH PARTNERSHIP forum, contact: Frode Berge atf.berge@geos.com


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