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CCTV And Environmental Monitoring Systems

Oceanor Seasystems Offshore Department (Sandnes, Norway), part of Fugro GEOS, has signed a 7.5m NOK contract for the manufacture and delivery of CCTV (Closed Circuit TV Surveillance Systems) and EMS (Environmental Monitoring Systems) with ABBAS, Automation Technologies Division, Norway.

16 Jan 2004

The state-of-the-art systems will be used to ensure a safe operational environment for the Sakhalin II Project . an integrated oil and gas development for SakhalinIsland, off Russia ’s Pacific coast.

ABB will develop and supply 18 telecommunication systems for the project’s infrastructure, which includes offshore platforms, onshore facilities, terminals and ports, and the pipeline and valve stations linking them. ABB will also provide the temporary telecom systems for the six construction camps as well as infrastructure upgrades. ABB has awarded Oceanor the contract to supply the complete EMS and CCTV Systems for the project.

Oceanor.s EMS and CCTV systems will be installed at several sites offshore and on the island. These include the LUN-A platform in the Lunskoye field and the PA-B platform in the Piltun Astoskhskoye field, the Onshore Processing Facility at the north-east of the island, and the Oil Export Terminal and Liquefied Natural Gas Processing Plant on AnivaBay at the south of the island.

Oceanor.s CCTV Systems are based on a hybrid CCTV concept that enables viewing and control through the latest network and Internet solutions, delivered as streaming video, as well as through traditional analogue systems. Each Pan/Tilt Zoom camera station is designed specifically for installation in hazardous zones.

Oceanor.s Ex proof units are 4th generation and manufactured in AISI316 Stainless Steel for operation under severe climatic conditions.

The EMS systems will include standard meteorological sensors and equipment as well as special instrumentation packages for measuring visibility and cloud height. At the two offshore locations, the wave height and period will be measured using laser technology.

As with the CCTV systems, the EMS data will be widely available through the client.s Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN), to users on-site or at other geographic locations. The EMS package will also include computers and software for the display and interpretation of the metocean data. This latest contract once again demonstrates Oceanor.s reputation for reliable, cost effective and user-friendly systems for present and future needs in the offshore sector.


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