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26 May 2016 |   ByFugro Media
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Fugro and Shell work together to reduce the complexity of safety management on projects and improve safety.

Shell brought together CEO-lead teams from 12 of their key suppliers in the Contractor Safety Workshop with the aim of creating a breakthrough in safety leadership. 

For the Fugro and Shell partnership, this lead to an initial pilot exercise which took place off the coast of Aberdeen. Of all the safety initiatives identified, five were highlighted as key:

The Shared office initiative leads to more effective communication, better exchange of information and creates an “open door” policy. 

Work packs ensure more easily accessible clear safety instructions available to everyone at all times.

Crew-led Toolbox Talks encourage everyone to take ownership of safety issues and ensure all relevant tasks are covered.

Cross Department Safety Tours bring new perspectives to everyday hazards and enable cross-fertilisation of ideas and experience.

Hazard Observation Cards ensure issues are documented and promote collaboration right across the vessel.

A second pilot off Brunei, helped to further test and fine tune the best practice initiatives from the Aberdeen pilot, which will be followed by a final pilot in 2016 and a global roll-out.

The safety leadership journey continues…


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