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24 November 2016 |   ByBenoit Cajelot
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Fugro has won the technical excellence award at the 2016 South Australian Spatial Excellence Awards, for its work with the Samoan government.

In June 2015, Fugro was commissioned for an Airborne Bathymetric and Topographic lidar survey of the nation of Samoa. Using remote sensing, Fugro helped the Samoan government to identify risks, understand it’s exposure to such risks, and better manage the impact of vulnerabilities on a national scale. This included hazards such as sea level rising, flooding, tsunamis, landslides, storm surges and cyclones.

It is great to see Fugro recognised for this award, it’s a testament to our team’s commitment to technical excellence and client focus.
Mark Sinclair, MD of Fugro LADS Corporation
2016 SA Spacial award

Fugro followed international standards for the capturing, processing, and assessment of airborne lidar data and used its expertise to supplement gaps in the lidar data, caused by extensive cloudy weather, with satellite-based RADAR and archived imagery datasets.

Fugro’s Airborne lidar Bathymetry (ALB) technology can measure to depths of over 70 metres in clear water environments. This was recently demonstrated in Fugro’s survey of French Polynesia. It was this technology, as well as topographic lidar that was used for the Samoan survey over the entire country, to generate a complete digital elevation model from depths greater than 60 metres to heights of 1800 metres above sea level. 

The project shows Fugro’s efforts to help developing nations and small island development states to ensure that when planning for coastal communities, they account for climate change adaptation and the hazards that are a consequence of this.

“Projects such as this one play an important role in our client’s ability to assess risks associated with sea level rise, flooding, storm surge and tsunamis,” said Mark Sinclair, Managing Director of Fugro LADS Corporation.  “It is great to see Fugro recognised for this award from this project, it’s a testament to our team’s commitment to technical excellence and client focus”.

After winning the award for technical excellence, Fugro is now in the running to win the national APSEA award in early 2017.

Did you know?

Samoa is now one of the most surveyed countries in the world, following the survey undertaken by Fugro.  


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