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27 January 2015 |   By Mike Quinnell
Fugro Author
An innovative oceanographic buoy and mooring configuration have been developed and delivered by Fugro, achieving a technical first in oceanographic monitoring in support of shuttle-tanker operations at an FPSO.

The project required a real-time oceanographic buoy capable of full integration with the existing Metocean Data Monitoring System (MDMS) on board the FPSO. The buoy and mooring were required to be in situ for twenty years, so Fugro’s solution had to combine high reliability with low maintenance requirements, reducing the need for specialist vessel operations in the years ahead and aiding longterm cost-efficiency.


By drawing upon specialist knowledge and skills within the Fugro Group, as well as our long-standing relationships with key suppliers, we have developed an innovative, bespoke solution that raises the bar in the provision of realtime, integrated metocean monitoring to support offshore shuttle-tanker operations.
Michael Quinnell, Offshore Systems Manager, Fugro

Having supplied and installed the FPSO’s MDMS in 2011, Fugro was well placed to ensure smooth integration of the new buoy with the existing system. A further requirement of the project was for third-party systems to receive the oceanographic data from the integrated system. Working to a tight timeframe, Fugro designed a system which called upon its experience and expertise in subsea ROVs, engineering and geotechnics.

Did you know?

The solution incorporated three essential features:

  • A tight watch circle to prevent the buoy from interfering with operations, irrespective of waves and currents, even in a congested field
  • Large tensions to maintain the buoy’s position above a water column approximately 1,300m deep
  • Substantial buoyancy and heavy-duty equipment capable of withstanding the increased working load and 20 year operating life


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