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12 January 2015 |   ByA Ogilvie
Fugro Author

Adopting an alternative approach in the design of tuneable sub-bottom profilers, Fugro has led a joint project with EdgeTech Inc to develop a new sub-bottom profiler system with superior performance.

StarPulse®-PRO has been designed to overcome some of the problems typically associated with the acquisition of sub-bottom profiler data. Such problems include loss of high frequency energy due to the earth filter; poor acoustic impedance contrast across boundaries; lack of low frequency energy from the transmitter; and poor signal-to-noise ratio from environmental and towing conditions.

data sample

tow fish

With the prototype undergoing final sea trials in 2014, the new system is expected to bring benefits to high resolution engineering studies and pipeline or cable route surveys in environments where conventional systems do not provide the required penetration and resolution (for example where there are glacial sediments, compacted till or coarse, dense sand and gravel).

Among the design components that differentiate StarPulse®-PRO from traditional systems are the transmitter, the receiver and the pulse signature.

The initial system is designed as a towed configuration although plans include the transfer of the technology to AUV and hullmount installations.


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